wishlistRewards - Terms and Conditions



  1. Wishlist Reward site is managed and operated by Wishlist Holdings Limited and can be found at: http://partners.wishlist.com.au/wishlistRewards/
  2. "Points" is the currency adopted by the Wishlist Rewards program to allow customers to accrue a right and redeem a value as a consequence of eligible expenditure. A point is earned for each $1 of eligible expenditure on www.wishlist.com.au and any of its affiliated sites
  3. The right to redeem a point will expire 12 months from the date of the relevant eligible expenditure
  4. Redemption is the process of exchanging points accumulated for products on the Wishlist Reward site
  5. Eligible expenditure is the price paid for purchases on www.wishlist.com.au or affiliate sites excluding postage and handling fee, gift wrapping, GST and any discount applied; and must be paid for with a credit card. Total or part payment with Gift Vouchers or any other non-credit card forms do not qualify as Eligible expenditure
  6. www.wishlist.com.au is an internet site managed and operated by Wishlist Holdings Limited
  7. Wishlist member is any person who registers or has previously registered for membership on www.wishlist.com.au
  8. Registered Member is any person who is a Wishlist member and has activated their Rewards membership by logging on to the Wishlist Rewards site at http://partners.wishlist.com.au/wishlistRewards/

Eligibility and Enrolment

  • The program is open to all Wishlist members. Members must register on the Rewards site to participate in the rewards program
  • Points are only attributed for eligible expenditure by a member who has registered for wishlistRewards. Expenditure that has occurred previous to the member's registration to wishlistRewards do not earn points
  • Points will not be earned for payments made on wishlist.com.au through Corporate accounts/ Corporate account holders

Annual Fees

There are no fees to register for Wishlist Rewards.

Points Accumulation

  • Every Registered Member shopping at www.wishlist.com.au or affiliate sites using their membership will accumulate an entitlement of one point for every A$1 of eligible expenditure on www.wishlist.com.au and affiliated sites
  • Points will not be accrued in respect of:
    • purchases through corporate accounts
    • GST
    • discounts
    • gift wrapping charges
    • postage and handling fee
  • After registering on the Wishlist Rewards site, members will from time to time receive by email a statement of points and information about the program. By registering for the Rewards program, each registered member agrees to receive this communication
  • Points are accumulated once your purchase has been approved
  • Adjustments will be made to the points accrued in a registered members account if there are any issues arising from:
    • Exchanges or return of goods
    • Billing or payment disputes

Points Expiration

  • Points earned on wishlist.com.au have a life of 12 months from the Date of the eligible expenditure

Notice of Accumulated Points

  • Wishlist will notify members of the amount of points accumulated from time to time
  • Members are expected to check their own account in respect to points and validity of points. Members can check points at any time by visiting http://partners.wishlist.com.au/wishlistRewards/

Points Redemption

  • Points accumulated by registered Wishlist members may be redeemed at any time through the Wishlist reward site. Wishlist expects that members will be redeeming their own points and should another person redeem the members' points without consent, Wishlist will not be accountable for this fraudulent action
  • All Rewards are subject to availability and some restrictions may apply. Wishlist reserves the right to modify the Rewards redeemable at any time without notice
  • Points accumulated are not exchangeable for other Rewards nor are they refundable, replaceable, or transferable for cash or credit under any circumstances

Bonus Points

  • Wishlist may issue bonus points from time to time at its own discretion and for certain activities
  • Wishlist reserves the right not to issue these points if the member is believed to have gained these points in an inappropriate manner (or is found not eligible based on the Rewards program criteria)


  • These terms and conditions form the basis of the Wishlist Reward program. It is your responsibility to read and understand them. Wishlist has made every effort to ensure the information provided in relation to this program is accurate and in good faith
  • Wishlist reserves the right to send information to members registered in the Rewards program about their account and changes to the program from time to time
  • We treat all customer information in accordance with the Wishlist Holdings' Privacy Policy
  • Wishlist reserves the right to suspend or terminate the program at any time, with out notice
  • Wishlist reserves the right to change the Rewards program upon the giving of appropriate notice , including but not limited to the terms and conditions, annual fees, points conversion rates, and points required for redemption
  • Members who are known to be engaged in inappropriate activity regarding accumulation of points, method of purchase, or any other activity deemed inconsistent with the nature and intent of this Rewards program will result in forfeiture of accumulated points at Wishlist's absolute discretion, and members account with wishlist.com.au may be terminated at Wishlist's discretion
  • The programs points are not transferable, nor refundable for anything other than products specified on the Rewards site
  • Wishlist Holding's failure to enforce a particular term or condition does not constitute a waiver of that term or condition by Wishlist Holdings
  • This promotion will begin on 25th September 2001 and is planned to operate for purchases placed from this date ongoing. All Purchases will be tracked. Each time a member reaches the amount of points required to redeem a prize as outlined on the Rewards site, the member may redeem them for a reward via the Rewards site
  • Wishlist reserves the right in its absolute discretion to withdraw, cancel, withhold, deny or in any other way change the rewards and benefits previously advertised or offered, to any person, at any time. Wishlist will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the person following such action
  • Wishlist gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of any rewards or benefits

For email correspondence: service@wishlist.com.au

For written correspondence:
The Rewards Department
Level 7, 440 Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC 3000

For telephone enquiries: 1300 721 717

If you need assistance, please contact our Customer Experience Team via email or 1300 721 717. Terms and Conditions